Applied Electronics - Curriculum for 2019 - 2020 academic year (pdf)

The contents of subjects (pdf)

Subjects description

1st year of study – 1st semester (autumn)
Mathematical Analysis
Linear algebra, analytical and differential geometry
Applied informatics
Internet services
Technical drawing
Passive components and circuits
English language I

1st year of study – 2nd semester (spring)
Special mathematics
Internet programming techniques
Material for electronics
Electronic devices
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I
Computer programming and programming languages
Electronic Technology
Mechanical engineering

2nd year of study – 1st semester (autumn)
Basic electronic circuits
Digital integrated circuits I
Computer aided graphics
Computer aided graphics – project
Signals and Systems I
Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering II
Analog integrated circuits
Measurements in Electronics and Telecommunications
English language II

2nd year of study – 2nd semester (spring)
Object oriented programming
SPICE models
Signals and Systems II
Numerical methods
Digital integrated circuits II
Industrial electrotechnics
Theory of Information transmission
English language III

3rd year of study – 1st semester (autumn)
Industrial Electronics
Industrial Electronics – project
Nano and micro technologies for electronics
Nano and Microtechnologies for electronics – Project
Fundamentals of data acquisition systems
Digital Signal Processing
Electrical Drives
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Microprocessors and microcontrollers – project
Industrial management

3rd year of study – 2nd semester (spring)
Image Processing and Analysis
Power Electronic Converters
General Economics
Analog and Digital Transmissions
Computer Architecture

4th year of study – 1st semester (autumn)
Digital Signal Processors
Medical electronics
Automata System Design
Control of Electronic Equipment
Virtual instrumentation for electronic systems
Electronic systems in robotics
Computer Vision

4th year of study – 2nd semester (spring)
Ultrasounds Applications
Neural Networks
Pattern recognition in electronics and Telecommunications
Reconfigurable electronic systems
Practice for diploma project development
Optical Communication
Electronic Equipments Testing